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Classlink Start Guide

Before you click on any application link please check ClassLink first!

Photo of a stop sign with the text WHOA instead of stopClassLink

ClassLink Link

ClassLink has all the shortcuts to the applications your teachers use with you in class.  Also,  ClassLink makes it easier to login to all the applications you use without having to remember lots of different logins.

ClassLink will:

  • Automatically log you in to some applications
  • Remember your login and password the first time you login to an application for most apps
  • Provide all the application shortcuts you need on one page

Important: ClassLink is the only way to login for certain applications like

  • Wonders
  • Star and Accelerated Reader
  • Castle Learning


Logging in is Easy: 

Just go to the ClassLink Link and use your login name which is the same as what comes before the "@" symbol in your email address.  (Do not type in your full email address)

Example: if your email address is your login for ClassLink will be Jsmith1

Use the same password that you use for your email.

If you need help, or can't log in, contact your teacher or Mr. Perry at