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Google Quick Start Guide


Please remember that students must follow the district’s Acceptable Use Policy when using "Google Apps for Education" accounts. Not following the Acceptable use Policy may result in the suspension or deletion of your District account and computer privileges. The Alexander Central School District owns all of the ”Google Apps for Education" accounts and the data contained within. The district can access your account at any time, without warning or notification.


Student Email accounts can only send/receive emails from other Alexander domain email accounts.

1. Log in to your account: To log into your account you must add "" to your username in the district. For example, George Washington would log in to "Google Apps for Education" with the username: The password would be the same as the password you use on the district computers.

2. Access the Google Apps: To access the apps look for this button:
The app drawer button is located at the top right of your email screen after you log in to your account. See the picture below for an example.

3. More Help: To learn how to use all the apps that come with your "Google Apps for Education" account use the Learning Center found as a link under the "students" navigation on the district homepage.